Nov 17, 2006

nywc06: friday am - pt. 1

So I had this reallly good picture I was going to post of our Durango stopped in front of a gas station that had a White Castle attached to it... which is a bit ironic if you've ever eaten at a White Castle.

But, um... my pictures got deleted.

Anyway, this brings to mind how certain things are allowable and expected on road trips but considered rather creepy on other occasions. For example, White Castle makes sense on a road trip but not on your way to a job interview (again, you won't get that irony unless you've eaten one and an hour later had to visit the bathroom for a while). Also, Funyuns don't really fit into life in any logical way unless you're on a trip with a bunch of guys and don't care that your breath smells like the grease on the bottom of a movie theater hot dog rack. Likewise, driving with a white undershirt while barefoot works on a long highway drive but not necessarily when you run to the local store for some 2% milk.

I share all of this to say that I lost this really cool picture I had of a White Castle attached to a gas station and am rather sad about it.

However... when I was checking in at the NYWC registration I surveyed their candy stash and found amidst all of the cheap Tootsie Rolls and Hershey Kisses a full-sized Baby Ruth buried within. I mean, this was a honking big candy bar and it was hidden beneath the surface. The theme of the convention is "Reveal," so I'm not sure if this particular candy experience of mine was on purpose or an accident... you know, the whole predestination versus freewill argument.

So I took a picture of it. Again, this is where I would post that picture if I hadn't deleted it, so once more I have to say that I am sad and can only express my deepest regret that you will just have to imagine it. Although, that is why Hitchcock movies are so popular - he never really showed you much and left a lot to the imagination. Maybe my blog will be as popular as The Birds, or Rear Window, or that other movie starring a bunch of people with a lot of makeup that looked creepy in black and white.

By the way... I don't even like Baby Ruth.

And yet I'm having a pretty amazing day already with my buddies and 3000... I mean, 4000 other youth workers.


Thurman8er said...

I can imagine both pictures. Your words did it all.

Not quite Hitchcock, but not bad. Now, if Jimmie Steward saw Raymond Burr under all those candy bars, then you'd have something.

Tony Myles said...

That would be a scary picture, indeed.