Oct 3, 2006


I recently came across a story and video clip of a wake-up call to astronauts from NASA. It was during the ship's rotation of the earth, providing an incredible view of creation as the song "God Of Wonders" was sent up as the soundtrack for the morning. Check out the video below - especially the ending.

For years it’s been a NASA tradition that its explorers receive unique wakeup calls. The all-Navy crew of Apollo 12 was awakened to a bugle and boatswain’s pipe on its November 1969 journey to the Moon. There have been more than a few college fight songs and pieces of classical music.

Five days into his first spaceflight – which launched on July 4, 2006, on board the Space Shuttle Discovery – this is what Mike Fossum heard:

Lord of heaven and earth / Lord of all creation / Lord of heaven and earth / Lord of all creation / Of water, earth and sky / Your heavens are Your tabernacle / Glory to the Lord on high / God of wonders beyond our galaxy / You are holy, holy...
The clip was from the song “God of Wonders,” and Fossum’s family picked the tune.


Brian said...

Absolutely awesome! How could you not fall in love with the God of Wonders while orbiting the earth. Incredible!

Tony Myles said...

No doubt, bro. I just love that NASA supported it.

Anonymous said...

By the way...Rick Husband also picked that for his wake up in 2003...one of the last before the tragic re-entry.