Oct 13, 2006

weekend fun: youth ministry chuckles

There are some chuckle-full videos I came across through a youth ministry conference promotion. A few are listed below - whether you've ever worked with students or not I think you'll like them. The last one is my favorite, but be sure you play that one last. Enjoy!


Scott said...

These are hilarious! I was 'interim’ youth pastor for three months. I can really relate to not remembering student’s names.

My hat's off to all the youth workers. You are making an impact more lasting and deeper than you could possibly realize!

Carolanne said...

They were great!
And be proud of me, I left the last one until last - only cause you told me to.
By the way, I added your blogsite as a link to mine - hope you don't mind. :)

BarBarA said...

Those were really good (I liked the one about holding hands to pray "chicks dig strategy")

I wish my son was more involved in his youth group :(

Tony Myles said...

Scott - I know! I dig the parody of the cheesy NBC ads.

Carolanne - Thanks for the link!

Barbara - perhaps it's the other way around... maybe your youth group needs to be more involved with your son. Hmm... :)

Anonymous said...

ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha... ahh hahahaaha... ohh man. when we all can laugh because we go through the same stuff and think the same way... man it's a great sense of community... too bad the whole C-hurch can't tell it like it is, laugh about it and work with each other with 'other' focus

Thurman8er said...

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop on the last one. And I almost fell off my chair when it didn't.

Awesome stuff.

Tony Myles said...

So here's some good food for thought... I showed these to my wife tonight and we talked about her reaction - a good one, by the way, that while they have humor to them we should be careful about feeding the negative cycle that already exists. Her quote (which she gave me permission to share) was "I don't know if cynicism should be bred... there's already enough of it."

I totally agree, and yet I find myself wondering about the nature of youth ministry and the role videos like these could play. Many people volunteer their time with students because they want to do something "good" by "giving back." Then they get into the mix of the logistics of time issues, students that waver in their faith, and working under paid youth workers who don't always know what they're doing. Perhaps they wonder if it's okay to be real about their journey, but assume they can't because it would unholy in some way.

So my spin is that I agree with my wife, but I think these videos counter the cynicism by creating conversation about things many people in ministry often think about. Laughter often does that more so than self-help seminars (which is one reason I like watching The Office because it combines both, but that's another topic).

Your spin?

bigwhitehat said...

Too true. All of it. And they're rabbit skins. Get it right.

Stephen Baker said...

Oh my!!!! I am falling out of my chair. In response to the negative end of these........well life is full of negative - church related and not. I don't know - I think it's better to laugh about it than be angry about it. But these do make some good points don't they? Beyond the funny don't you have to stop and think about them and really the truth that's behind them? I guess I have a lot of feelings about church and church culture that turn violently negative so I think I would rather smile through the negativity and throw a positive spin that could inspire change. :)