Oct 9, 2006

time magazine

Intriguing article: Does God want you to be rich?


bigwhitehat said...

If he does, I will be.

Jessica said...

i have never understood this - how then do joel and others explain those christians in third world countries and those in former closed countries who were jailed and beaten for their faith. do they really believe that they simply lacked the appropriate thought patterns and levels of faith?

how do you explalin stephen who was matyred or the three hebrew children who said in response to the king's question of whether their God would save - he can but whether he does or not we won't bow.

the fact that this is so spread among pentecostals (my tradition) countered with the arrogance I have found specifically among this group (which i can say having been raised and at one time licensed in a main pentecostal demoniation similiar to the assembly of god) i find another reason to flee and am embarrased to say that i hold to some of those tenants of faith specific to pentecostals (though they would count me out since i differ with them on some of the specifics).

anywho...sorry for the rant....but i experienced this with my mother's cancer...now i must be off to blog.

Jessica said...

and another thing....:)which i whole heartedly apologize for in fear that i sound on a rant or arrogant picking out my brother's speck when i have a plank...but what does it matter if you have great charitable dealings...i mean that is good but that does not justify or make a teach correct or incorrect. the good i do does not mean i am correct just as the bad i may do does not make me incorrect. the theology may be right but it should be right on its merits, it basis in scripture and not b/c i balanced it with some other worthy deed.