Oct 21, 2006

a nickel's worth of advice

Speaking of post-it notes, imagine that you could send a note via time travel to yourself five years ago. If there was enough space to write five short sentences, what would it say?

Yeah... I'm talking to you.


Carolanne said...

Beware of big teddybears - they aren't always so cuddly!
If someone hasn't learnt the art of flattery, don't wait around for the compliments.
When life is cloudy, suck in the air at the beach.
You'll get there, just keep at it and find ways to laugh anyway.
Immerse yourself in the really important things: God, family, friends and whatever else you enjoy.
p.s. Tony, did you really put those post-it notes all over your office???? How long did it take to clean up or is that real???!

DJG said...

SAVE MONEY...the mortgage business will not always be this good.

And GIVE UP on that relationship that is making you crazy....it will end badly anyway!

Dakotaranger said...

Stay away from that girl.
Take care of that deal, it will only make it worse later.

And coconuts do migrate

The Cubicle Reverend said...

Be patient, be patient, be patient!

chris said...

Invest in Google.

Michael said...

Dont ever think things will stay the same

L.L. Barkat said...

"Hold on to your hat!"

That's for me. For the guy with the post-it office, I'd say, "Go for the spiral notebook; forget the post-its." Or, alternately, "hire a secretary and a housekeeper."

Katie said...

Hmmmmm, have fun.

:) Yep, even in the future I'm ornery.

Heather said...

Hey. This is you speaking. Contact Ripley's and get this note to them for carbon dating. You'll make money. Spend some on travel and some on others.

bjk said...

Yes, they know all about you and just like Him they don't care.
Quit worrying about what everyone else thinks...seriously can you just get over yourself...
Life is definitely going to be messier and scarier but seriously are you enjoying all the neat and boring that your life is right now...??

Tony Myles said...

I've been thinking about mine, and they might go something like this:

1) Be yourself... even when your job is on the line.
2) Be sure that #1 doesn't become an excuse to be arrogant or closed-minded.
3) Love God, your wife, your kids, and others in that order.
4) Simplify... and then simplify some more.
5) The church is going to break your heart... in all the right places.

Tony Myles said...

What's interesting is whether or not we would understand our notes to ourselves five years ago in the context of experience we write from today.

bigwhitehat said...

Buy Exxon.

Autism is not the end of the world.

Yeah, your marriage is in trouble but you two love each other too much to scrap it.

Your son blocks and tackles like a pro.

Take courage, things get better fast.

Bryan Riley said...

1. If you don't listen to God's call on your life, in five years you may well be dead...or worse.

2. Don't take things for granted.

3. It isn't all about you.

4. Tara (my wife) must be in agreement with you in your decisions about your life.

5. Walk by faith, not by sight.