Oct 19, 2006

car insurance for mars and venus

My wife and I recently switched car insurance companies from one to another. In the process of filling out our info for a quote, I noted on one page my information including the fact that I am married. Then as I filled in my wife's info and hit submit, the page came back with an error. Apparently I failed to change the default that said "male/female," and so she was accidentally listed as a male. The error reported the following:

"Number of married males must equal married females."

In other words, two males don't count as a married couple, and two females don't count as a married couple.

Considering they would consider this an error in today's pluralistic culture, that's Progressive thinking.


Katie said...

the irony of that is almost in itself ironic

Michael said...

See that ballot proposal on the last ballot is saving us from letting Gays have better car insurance, Im glad its working.

that is suppose to be sarcastic

sara said...

I'm so tired of special interest groups trying to redefine everything sacred.

Tony Myles said...

Ironically, calling something sacred makes you a part of a special interest group, too. :)