Sep 3, 2006

weekend fun: hot pockets

From the mind of Jim Gaffigan:

Hot Pockets haven't been around that long... maybe ten years. How'd they come up with that? Was there some guy in a marketing meeting?

"Hey, how about a pop tart filled with really nasty meat?"

"Johnson, that's gross.


Get to work on it."


They do have the vegetarian hot pockets for those of us who don't like to eat meat but still would like diarrhea.


It should just come with a roll of toilet paper

To actually hear some of Jim's stuff and see him in action (a whole lot funnier than just reading text), check out his web site.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

I heard this routine on XM Comedy Radio and laughed at the sheer truthfulness of it.

JimmyBob said...

Tony, that's funny stuff. My favorite Hot Pockets are ham-n-cheese! Mmmmm.

By the way, I created an alternate site so that I could avoid the technical difficulties with Blogger in Beta for now. You shouldn't have any trouble posting, and I should be able to post on your site once again. Yeah!

kaitie t. said...

something even weirder about hot pockets...
Hot pockets are something that can easily be made in a dorm room, but the cafeteria here at school still has them as a main dish!


Tanner Ridge said...

Ummmm.... I don't appreciate you dissin one of my favorite food groups.

I don't rip on your "White Castle" slider cravings do I?