Aug 17, 2006

why i'm glad i'm not in school

The Waterbury, Conn., Board of Education has announced plans to crack down on student absences. Only proof of a "serious chronic illness" would suffice to excuse a child from school under its new plan. "We now are looking for school to be the priority," said Kennedy High School assistant principal Michael Yamin, who served on a committee to draft the new regulations. "I think we need a policy with some teeth in it," said Walsh School Principal Erik Brown.

Try this on for size: even a letter from a doctor would not be enough to excuse an absence, the new policy says, and appeals by parents for any absence ruled "unexcused" would be limited to one each for elementary, middle and high school. A fine of $25 per absence would be enforced by sending police officers along on home visits by attendance monitors. (Waterbury Republican-American)


One guess as to whether this policy applies to teachers, school administrators, and School Board members.


Carolanne said...

When I was growing up, we had to be very sick to get a day off school.
Now that I have my own child and I am a teacher, I realise that some days missed are really not so bad. I don't want kids coming to school with the flu or even a "nearly" the flu type illness!
If a doctor's certificate isn't enough, what is?
I can understand them wanting to crack down on student absences but that's going too far.... just a little.
I'm glad I teach here in Australia!

Tony Myles said...

Very cool... which makes me wonder (if you know) how Aussie schools differ from other countries. I'd love to know. Thanks!

Brian said...

Yeah, just what we need, sick kids going to school so as to not get fined.

Heather said...

You know, it's really important for the kids not to miss a single day. They might miss part of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or cause the school to miss out on a few extra dollars. Priorities, people.

theoquest said...

Holy Truent-Cow! Part of me says there's no way this goes through, but some of the stories you hear that do... you never know.