Jun 28, 2006

time - part 3

Can I just tell you what it is like to see Superman Returns at the 12:01AM opening show on IMAX 3-D?

First of all, lots of drunk people. For some reason, I was the one sitting next to all of them. They have underwear outside their clothes and red towels tied around their necks... I mean, "capes." And they smell like they've been super-drinking.

Second, lots and lots of trivia. One of my super-brothas a few rows in front of me would occasionally stand up before the movie and go, "Okay, okay, okay... Lex Luthor... or... Magneto?" And then we'd all shout and vote. My favorite was, "Okay, okay, okay... what da heck wuz dat flying-triangle-S-thang Superman threw at the bad guys in Superman 2?" No one knew the answer to that, because - sadly - it is a shameful part of Superman epics.

In any event, the whole thing rocked. No spoilers here, so don't worry. I'll just tell you that I had the prettiest girl on my shoulder and was amazed that I got to see such a geeky movie at such a geeky time of night with such a hot wife. Okay... I'm gushing, yes. Then again not too many women would do such a thing for their Superman-obsessed man. Perhaps timing reveals a lot more than we'd think.

Take for instance the fact that even though we were 40th in line (and arrived an hour and a half before the movie) I was still able to sit in the middle of the middle of the movie theater (the best place to be). Then throw in the energy that is a midnight showing... everyone and their brother wearing a Superman shirt and striking up crazy conversations with each other. Normal people don't do this, but when you gather in community over a common purpose in the right timing amazing walls can be broke down through Super-natural means.

Before the movie started, I leaned in to my wife and whispered, "This is my favorite part of the movie... this moment, just before it begins, being here with you." No kissing up on that... it truly was. Sometimes timing reveals a lot more than we'd think.


Deborah said...

My 5 year old wants to see this movie. Do you think that it is appropriate or are there questionable parts for young children?

kaitie t. said...

can I just say...AW...that is so sweet, she is a lucky gal!

Tony Myles said...

Deborah - there is a bit of "intensity" that a five year old would wrestle with when they went to sleep. I don't want to give away the movie, but I can safely say that there is a death scene as well as a lot of comic book violence. No blood, but a lot of bumping, punching, kicking, etc. I'm struggling with this, too, because I'd love to take my 5 year old out of my vintage history with Superman but can't do it in good conscience.

Katie said...

seeing it TONIGHT and I'm so excited, although I'm guessing I won't encounter as many men with their tightie whities on the outside of their pants (although there are two colleges in my town so you never know)

(and awwwwww so sweet about what you said to your wife, who has the COOLEST NAME EVER)

Deborah said...

Thanks for the review Tony.