Apr 1, 2006

who you gonna call?

Just got a call from a buddy of mine on his cell phone. He and his family are driving through the Chicago area and just stopped at the Hinsdale oasis. Someone inside caught his eye, and after going back in and double-checking he realized, "It’s the black guy from Ghostbusters!"

He went in and spoke with him, got an autograph, then boogied out to call me. Turns out Ernie Hudson is in town filming an episode of E.R. that will air later in the season.

"Did you ask him about the Twinkie?" I wondered. You have to understand that half of the conversation I have with my buddy involves quoting movie lines from 80's movies.

"No," he said, "that would have been awesome if I wasn't tongue-tied, though."

Anyway, I just thought I'd share.

So who do you call when something like this happens?


Friar Tuck said...

I never have moments like that.

Thurman8er said...

At Angel's Stadium they do not have separate urinals but rather one long trough-like object. As all guys know, if somebody pulls up next to you at the trough, you just go on about your business, looking neither right nor left. When I was done, I realized from the corner of my eye that I had been standing next to Ray Liotta (ironically enough, who won an Emmy for his ER appearance). Couldn't stand around. Certainly wasn't gonna shake his hand. So I went back to my seat and told everyone there. For what it's worth.

Tony Myles said...

Yes, but did you wash first?

(And did he?)

Thurman8er said...

Me, yes. Him, I didn't wait to find out. But I have to assume he did, given the fact that he is a (ahem) good fella.

Tony Myles said...

Not to mention Shoeless Joe Jackson.

And you saw him at a baseball stadium.

At least you didn't hear him in the stall next to you saying, "Ease... his pain."

Thurman8er said...

"Is this heaven?"

"No. It's Anaheim."

Los Federales said...

When will you people quit building walls of color and start recognizing those renaissance thespians for the quality of work they produce and not because we're black.

Tony Myles said...

Hey Kazaam...

I know that the way I worded his statement to me over the phone seemed borderline color-centered. Please know, though, it was because he couldn't remember the actor's name. I thought about editing it for that reason before I posted it, but I didn't want to steal away the outburst I was met with because of his excitement.

As you'll note, I mentioned his name - Ernie Hudson - as well as the fact that my friend affirmed him and got an autograph. To me that seems like a fair balance.

Might I suggest, though, that you may have read my comments through a bias of your own? We all have them... just a question.

Bstermyster said...

Awesome Tony! I love movie quotes. My fav is actually a song - it goes something like this

Fat Guy in a little coat
Fat Guy in a little coat


Did you eat paint chips as a kid?

Anyway, I had a moment like this before and it was a terrible dilema for me. I was on my way to Inadianapolis flying on Southwest (I had to change planes in Chicago) and while I was waiting for my connection, I saw Ron Jeremy. This is embarassing because most people know he is a porn star. I knew who he was because of his "ground breaking" role on VH1's Surreal Life. The thing is I was not impressed with his dress (nasty old sweats) but he FAMOUS So, who do you call on that one? Why couldn't it have been Flava Flav, ya know?

Los Federales said...

No, it's only you people who have such a bias. I suppose next time you might want me to do a little soft-shoe? How can we entertain you?

Tony Myles said...


Why would you expect me to expect you to do that?

You know... why would you expect such a thing out of me if you don't have a bias?

Anonymous said...

Kazaam, my question to you is this. How would you describe to your friends in a moment of excitement running into the "white" guy who played on the movie "White Men Can't Jump"? Like it or not color is an adjective. It doesn't mean that it is a racist comment (Which by the way I personally know Tony and by NO means do I believe that he wanted to insult anyone).

So my challenge to you Kazaam is to place yourself in the shoes of Tony's friend. If this same thing happened to you and like I said, the actor/ color was changed, what would your conversation sound like to a close friend?

And personally an oreo cookie could best describe my thoughts on this whole subject. You must have both the "cookie" and the "middle" to make up the best dunkin' delight there is to be found. One cannot exist without the other.