Mar 13, 2006

two weeks back

Pretty sweet.

He'll be invited to all the conferences now.


Jenn said...

Love this! There was a large article in the paper about him today. It was all very positive which I appreciated. I must laugh, because I was going to contact YOU about this adventure...and go figure before I get a chance you are telling us! How do you do it???

Tony Myles said...

Um... my wife tipped me off because she saw it on Good Morning America.

Yep... I'm a sham.

'neice said...

He was going to be "Today" (weekend) but I was away. I saw the link on Marko's blog and plan to read it. Interesting idea. We have several kids at my old high school and I know a couple from other churches and the principal was like a year or two ahead of me there so it's tempting to try it. A handful of my teachers are still there, but most retires in the last few years.