Mar 30, 2006

a toast to lost (again)

Since my last Lost post didn't seem to go over so well, I'll try another round.

For avid lost fans, here's a link to the picture from this week's episode.

For non Lost fans, this about sums up the show.


Brian said...

Hilarous video! Thanks.

Thurman8er said...

That blast door is the reason I bought a high def receiver with a DVR. I stared at that thing for a loooong time last night.


Ryan Nielsen said...

That picture of the door is very cool!!! Any ideas if this picture is valid in terms of what it actually says???

Thanks Tony!!!! No offense, but this is way better than the ball of twine!!!

Tony Myles said...


I've spent a lot of time in the world of LOST the past month due to using it to preach through the book of Job this month... interesting comparisons.

In any event, here is my two cent theory:

1) Food is dropped off every 6-8 months to the Dharma people. When that happens, every bunker goes into a lockdown... this is what (I believe) the voice was warning about last night. Since the hatch is supposed to have two people in it, one person stays in it (for protection) and the other goes to retrieve the food. In this way the people in each hatch get what they need without the experiment being compromised.

2) The real Henry Gale works for Dharma and was making the dropoff. The fake Henry Gale - one of the "Others" - causes the balloon to crash after the drop off. He then buried the dude just before the French woman caught him. Knowing a bit about the Dharma dude, the fake dude assumed the identity of Henry Gale.

3) Side theory: The real Henry Gale is Rose's brother (the African American woman on the island married to Bernard)

4) The "Others" are not official Dharma people. They are the products of the Dharma experiments and took over a few of the bunkers.

5) When Desmond and Kelvin were in the hatch, they put together the blacklight map we saw last night.

6) The map represents the hatches and how they are connected. After the "incident" mentioned in the film, the tunnels underground were separated off from each other.

7) Walt is in one of these other bunkers. Over there they are working on psychic experiments. Perhaps through that technology, he is able to project himself to different places on the island.

8) The scorpion hatch ("The STING?") is where people are infected with something and let loose on the island. This is how the Others came to be in the first place... the Dharma people messed with them and then they ended up taking over a portion of the island.

9) The medical hatch is an experiment in extending life. The injections that they gave Claire for her baby were the same that Desmond took in episode 1 of this season.

10) Another hatch - perhaps the arrow hatch - controls the weather on the island.

11) Desmond took off when the castaways found the hatch. My guess is that he's heading to the big question mark in the center of the island and we'll see him again.

12) The center of the island (the big question mark) is the main hub of the Dharma initiative. This is where the monster is controlled (a program designed to read information on people via mind scanning).

Not that I have any theories or anything...

Thurman8er said...

That's really good stuff. I just had my foreign exchange student translating the latin for me. It didn't help much.

No doubt the big mystery is in the center of the island. And, yes, Walt is being held somewhere and is finding his way around through mental projection and inhabiting the computer. There are many hatches still to be found apparently. But...what...about... those...numbers???

Katie said...


the video cracked me up

Gman said...

I'm still Lost - but who knows - glad for the video though. (I just don't get into these drama like Lost or 24)

Tony Myles said...

That's because you watch hockey, eh.

Anonymous said...

That's one of the few decent Lost theories I've heard in a while.
Nice work.

I was going to be so upset if Lock was paralyzed again. Fortunately I prayed for him and the doors suddenly lifted.