Mar 15, 2006

thinking outside the octagon

Which of the following numbers do you think is most different from the other numbers?

1) One

2) Thirteen

3) Thirty-one


K said...

For some reason I feel compelled to respond. One is most different because it's only 1 digit, where as Thirteen and Thiry-one are both 2 digits.

Thurman8er said...

k is right. One is also different for being the only number lacking a "3" and the only non-prime in the bunch.

Never ask a math teacher a number question.

Tanner Ridge said...

I think one is the most different.

One is all alone. Its an individual or a "lone ranger" in church speak.

Thirteen and Thirty-one are in community, in a group, and have others there to help them, to pick them up when they fall.

john alan turner said...

I feel pretty certain this is a trick question, but I'm going with the others on this -- but for a different reason.

Moving from 12 to 13 or from 30 to 31 isn't as monumental an adjustment as moving from 0 to 1.

While 13 and 31 may signal momentum; 1 signals initiative.

All of this probably says more about who I am and how I think than about either of these three numbers.

Angele said...

One! For all the reasons listed above.

Katie said...

just because being rebellious seems like a fun thing at the moment, I am saying 13, no reason really

Tony Myles said...

Funny how we all overlook these numbers...





Mark D said...

Dude, have you been using Kilz primer on interior walls of your house today?

Katie said...

TONY but that is why I picked 13 because the 1 and the 1) matched, and the 31 and the 3) at least partly matched, but the 13 and the 2) didn't match at all so really it should be 12 and 2). I was trying to be rebellious but really I am a "nerd" at heart.

Mark D said...

Wow, Katie, you are good (assuming you are right). Makes sense to me.

Tony Myles said...

Okay... here's the deal - it's simpler than all of this.

1) One

2) Thirteen

3) Thirty-One

The answer is "2)" - the number in front of "thirteen."

"1)" shows up in "One," "Thirteen," and "Thirty-One."

"3)" shows up in "Thirteen" and "Thirty-one."

"2)" shows up nowhere.

The catch is that most of us overlook those numbers assuming that they designate whatever follows. Most people think in a box and some try to think "outside the box" - this one requires us to think "outside the octagon."

Which brings up the question...

What/who did you overlook today?

Thurman8er said...

Really, really excellent. Can't wait to spring it on others.

Bstermyster said...

My mind doesn't work when it comes to this stuff. It is like "Standardized Testing" only different.

Scott said...


"Dawn Wells, who is Mary-Ann, has a cookbook out, which is really a lot of fun. It's got thirteen coconut cream pie recipes."
-Bob Denver

Pammu said...

you got me there.

Gman said...

And here I was going to say #3 Why?

Because Time Magazine in the last few years had issues on Being Thirteen and the Power of One (Change and being involved in your community) and so thought you were going to comment on your wife's age and thus she was the Best thing even if she wasn't in Time magazine.