Mar 12, 2006


Here are some quotes I've skimmed in the past month that have hit me hard and caused me to say, "OUCH!" Maybe they'll slam into you a bit, too... in the best way possible.

"Christianity without church is like marriage without sex--it only lasts one generation." - Keith Drury

"Christ did not die just to save us from our sins, but to bring us together into community. After coming to Christ, our next step is to be involved in community. A church that does not experience community is a parody, a sham." - Gilbert Bilezikian

“You don’t see things as they are, you see things as you are.”

"Congregational expectations can be unreasonably high. They want a pastor as purpose driven as Rick Warren, as entrepreneurial as Bill Hybels, as evangelistic as Billy Graham, and as compassionate as Mother Teresa. They want a wise leader: someone with easy answers to the complex problems of the church.They want a charismatic leader: someone who can get the church to do what it doesn't want to do and make them believe that they like it. They want a dynamic leader: into whose hands they can place the broken shards of their lives and then receive them back again whole.

What do they get instead? Someone like me. Not the wisest. Not the bravest. Not the holiest. The best they can get is an ordinary person who has been given the privilege of participating in an extraordinary calling." -
Finding True North

"The Church is attempting to answer questions no one is asking."

"Remember, biggie fries equal biggie thighs. " - Branda Polk


Friar Tuck said...

good thoughts...I may steal some of them!

Katie said...

hmmm I think each one of those hit me in a different way, but the last one, gosh what are you doing Tony, making me think about my thighs as I eat my fries. . . that's just plain mean

good stuff here, good thoughts, and even better to ponder on them then to just read and leave them behind, so I will ponder (obvioulsy not while eating biggie size fries)