Mar 27, 2006

chow down

Last night we splurged a bit and ate with some good friends at B.D.'s Mongolian BBQ. If you've not had the experience before I highly encourage you to try it... it's all about taking out some raw food and sauces, giving it all to some crazy dudes who cook it up for you, and sitting down to eat some tasty do-it-yourself stir fry (with unlimited helpings and combinations).

Good food.

Our youngest little guy - 2 years old - has feeling a bit under the weather. Consequently, he didn't each much yesterday... until just before bed. Suddenly he got real hungry and started eating a pretty decent meal right before laying down. Given the fact that he needed the energy, we let him snack on a few healthy things. Amazing how little bodies work in that way.

Good food.

Can you remember the last time you forgot to eat? You may have to tax your brain a bit, but when were you so engrossed in something that you completely didn't think about food at all? Perhaps it was a paper in school that you wanted to desperately finish... or maybe you were in the presence of someone special who had every ounce of your attention. In any case, when was the last time you neglected to eat a meal? And what was the reason?

It's odd how things cause us to forget or minimize such "necessities." Whether it's busyness or illness, we can often neglect what is essential (like keeping our bodies healthy) in lieu of whatever seems more pressing. Many times when people are grieving the loss of another the last thing they think about is food... and consequently it makes it all that much harder.

If we were asked by someone what our number one priority is in life many of us would quickly spout off the answer “God.” And I truly believe that is the case as far as our hearts and minds are concerned... that deep down we yearn for that to truly be the case.

In spite of this, though, it would seem that our souls end up empty though because we fall short of connecting desire with reality. We skip our "feeding times" with Jesus, hoping somehow through quick scraps we'll get the nutrition we need for healthy living. We munch on Him here or there, unconsiously hoping our Sunday church feeding will give us all the nutrients we need throughout the week (even though physically we'd never live that way).

And we end up with lives of spiritual malnutrition because of it.

There is the other side, though - the side where we do nothing but eat and eat and eat and eat spiritual food... but have zero activity with it. Every week we hit the church services, small groups, Bible studies, worship music, conference tapes, podcats, blogs, and everything else... only we haven't exercised one spiritual muscle.

We call the word of God truth… how much time do you spend in it? We need to stay healthy spiritually by feasting on His presence all day long AND exercising out that which we've taken in. So whether it's a do-it-yourself small group or the desperation of the illnesses of life that force you to eat...

take time to savor the Savior (with unlimited helpings and combinations).

Here's a good place to start: Psalm 1


Melanie said...

Great "food for thought." Physically, I don't eat a lot - I can usually survive on one good meal a day; not that it's healthy... But I can only go so long until it hits me that I absolutely have to eat - usually comes in the form of a big protein craving!

I get the same way in spiritual food if I don't stay on top of it. Thanks for the great reminder!

Scott said...

Rarely do I go hungry, and more often than not it’s convenient junk food I’m stuffing in my pie hole. Spiritually I could “eat healthy” and have a sit-down session with God or “eat junk food” and have a sit-down session with the TV. Unfortunately I eat way too much junk food physically and spiritually.

Nice post – good and convicting. I need some comfort food . . . where’s those Krispy Kremes?

Aim Claim said...

We should hunger after Him always, and yet so often we forget?!?

Friar Tuck said...

good thoughts

Brian said...

So true. Thanks for the reminder!

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." Matthew 5:6

Pastor Rod said...

Was one of your friends Michael who works for IWU?


Tony Myles said...

No... but that is my old school. What's the connection?

Pastor Rod said...

I was at the Fort Wayne education center on Monday night. (I'm an Affiliate Faculty of IWU. Michael works there.) He was telling me that he had eaten at the same restaurant on Sunday with friends. I thought it was odd that you were talking about a similar experience.


Tony Myles said...

Yeah... all the cool people are doing it. :)