Jan 12, 2006


Ever had some teeth permanently taken out of your mouth?

I did... one last week, one this week.

They call them wisdom teeth... which I think means if you're dumb enough to let someone permanently take something out of your mouth then you don't have any wisdom to begin with.

I woke up today feeling like I got into a fight and someone hit me hard on my right cheek. I haven't had someone slug me in the face since freshman year of high school, but that's what it felt like... I still remember it. Dang.

Now I know why King Kong is screaming all the time with his mouth open. When he bangs his chest and yells loudly (like I wanted to today but didn't because I have small children), he's saying, "Don't you even think about taking my teeth, sucka."

So now my mouth is weird. A piece of it has been erased forever. How odd.


bigwhitehat said...

I hate that picture. I was having a really bad day. I don't always look like that.

Logan Bennett said...

BWH are you sure that you don't always look like that man LOL

Dsrtrosy said...

This has nothing to do with your teeth! lol...sorry for you, but I have no wisdom teeth.

Just wanted to respond to your post at my site and didn't know if you would check back for my answer (btw--I take you seriously when you post, but for some reason I can't copy and paste or you'd be reading it now.) Check it out at dsrtrosy.blogspot.com if you are still interested. Get to feeling better!

bigwhitehat said...

Oral surgery when you're between jobs? That really hurts.

Bar Bar A said...

Wow your pretty old to be having your wisdom teeth out. Had mine out when I was 18 and was mad that it kept me from kissing my boyfriend.

My son had his out this summer at age 14 and it didn't seem to phase him one bit.

Hope you feel better soon.

Bstermyster said...

I had all four taken out at once, and get this, I did EVERYTHING The way I was supposed to, and I ended up with FOUR, that is righ F-o-u-r DRY sockets. Worst pain i have ever felt.