Dec 26, 2005


I wish I could give you a direct link for this, but the one I had was recently taken down. In any event, I highly encourage you to check out this incredible video and song of someone I've never heard of.

Go to: Yahoo Videos

Then scroll down and click on "JCB Song" (it's a pop up, by the way)

The band has a cool web site, too:


clew said...

Hi Tony! Thanks for visiting me! I can only pop in a few minutes this morning but I want to tell you I LOVE your blog. I'll be back soon when I can stay longer.

Happy New Year, Brother!


Katie said...

fun song, thanks for the recommendation

Chris Marsden said...

This is a great song. You can play the video straight from their site at:

or you can play just the audio off the home page after you open the notebook(save some bandwidth):

bigwhitehat said...

Totally unrelated. I blogrolled you. Check out the hover text.

Tony Myles said...

bigwhitehat... shame on you.

In fact, take that hat off right now.