Dec 21, 2005

why winter can be a blessing

Something rather interesting happened tonight close to where I live. Here's the snapshot:

Tanker overtured, fuel spill in Ottawa County
A tanker overturned in near Spring Lake in northern Ottawa County near Cleveland and 120th Street. The tanker overturned, spilling 8,300 gallons of diesel fuel, gasoline, and kerosene. More than a dozen nearby homes in the residential neighborhood were evacuated with evacuees being welcomed by the local First Presbyterian Church. There are minor injuries from the accident, in which two other vehicles may be involved. M-104 is closed in that area as firefighters work hard to contain a potentially explosive situation.

That's right... a "potentially explosive situation." Can you imagine that?

But here's the kicker - what's actually helping the emergency crew's efforts is the cold temperature that Michigan is known for this time of year. It keeps the vapors from moving as quickly as they would otherwise, lowering the probability of spontaneous danger.


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