Dec 30, 2005

regarding Christmas lights

I like colored lights.

My wife likes white lights.

I just felt like sharing that.

Thank you.


Logan Bennett said...

I like the Fiber optic bright blue lights

Anonymous said...

As long as we can agree that LED pretty much blows fish. *segue: youuuuuuu leye-eye-t up my liiiiiiife*

*slapping forehead* Ah, a po-mo guy like yer'se'f is too young too remember that ;-)

P.S. I preferred white lights when I was younger. The more snow on the roof, the more I look for, uh, contrast!

Tony Myles said...

Debbie Boone, 1977.

(I used to be an assistant manager of a Musicland.)

Amy said...

haha...for some reason I think this is a theme with a lot of married couples.

the question is, did y'all put up white lights, or colored? who won?

Tony Myles said...

We usually do white lights, but my in-laws this year (whom we're currently living with) had a tree where the lights faded from colored to white.

So I guess this is the amnesty year.

Anonymous said...

WRT the Boone-let, boy howdy, it has had a rough life if you've had to know about THAT ;-)

bigwhitehat said...

My wife and I both like them all. We use different lights for different stuff. We do a different tree every year.

This year it was White and Antique White on a green tree with white lights.

Now that we bought left over lights the day after Christmas, we decided on Dallas Cowboys colors on a green tree for next year. It will have white and blue lights.

My daughter suggested that we use all four of our trees in various rooms.

My favorite tree ever was the music theme tree. Yes, it rotated and played songs.

echotig said...

Colored lights or white lights? Yes, thank you.

Brian said...

I like colored lights too.
My wife likes white lights too.