Dec 31, 2005

looking over my shoulder...

It's time for a little 2005 reflection. Feel free to add your own stuff in the comments. That said, here's my spin:

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  • Best book I didn't expect to like in 2005: Intentional Diversity by Jim Lo
  • Best book I expected to like in 2005: Summoned to Lead by Leonard Sweet
  • Worst book I expected to like in 2005: The one I'm writing (only because it is driving me crazy)
  • Worst book I didn't expect to like in 2005: Wesley and Sanctification by Harald Lindstrom


  • Best God-thing I didn't expect to like in 2005: Writing more... who knew I'd actually like working on books, articles, curriculum, and (gasp) a blog? What the heck is a "blog," anyway?
  • Best God-thing I expected to like in 2005: Hanging with my family more.
  • Worst God-thing I expected to like in 2005: Having some "time off" full-time ministry... argh. (No blasphemy intended... I still honor Him in this.)
  • Worst God-thing I didn't expect to like in 2005: Smaller paychecks (Again, no blasphemy intended - just honesty... God and I have worked this one out)

Honorable mentions: Attending Mars Hill this summer; teaching at Greenville again; going to NYWC with Scott and Brian; finishing my job at First Wes with integrity; almost being done with my Master's work; learning what simplicity is all about; interviewing with some very cool churches; watching my family grow in faith; understanding what "daily bread" really means; and making new friends via my blog (whom I may never meet on this side of heaven).

Looking forward to in 2006: God answering prayers for a full-time job, a place of our own to live in again, having our dog back with us, and seeing my family start to feel like we have space to be ourselves. Oh... and the new Superman movie, too.

May we be the type of people in 2006 that the Lord dreamed we would be in 2005.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." (James 1:17)


Brian Russell said...

I read Lindstrom's book quite back during my seminary days. Curious about what led you to this text? Are you studying holiness theology?

I do quite a bit of thinking and writing on holiness and mission on my own blog:

Happy New Year.

Tony Myles said...

Lindstrom's book ended up in a holiness class I'm taking by accident. We were supposed to read something else, but ended up reading it instead. I really got lost in the way he wrote... one of those "period/era" language styles that kept me frustrated all throughout the read.