Dec 5, 2005

epilogue: do you like me?

Some of you have asked what's up these days on the job search. I'm still trying to figure out where God wants me to land, but have managed to find places to serve in the meantime. You know... "bloom where you're planted" and all that.

This journey has given me some interesting insights, though, on how churches tend to operate their staffing process (not to mention how candidates play into things, too). I recently wrote a three-part article that is being featured at Monday Morning Insight. When you get a chance, check over there.


Len said...

Good stuff Tony. Looking forward to the next 2.

bigwhitehat said...

Why do our churches have to be such bad employers? You youth fellas have it bad. You are right about the bloom where you're planted bit. Just trust and obey brother. It will all get good soon.

Tony Myles said...

Perhaps part of the problem is that the church is a combination of God and people. While God longs for things to be right He relies on people to do it.

This blows me away.

I picture Jesus ready to leave the earth as He's looking at His disciples. He knows they're going to mess it up, and yet He hands everything over to them. In a sense, He's silently communicating, "You'll mess this up, but I have faith in you."

And I wonder... if God can believe in the church (knowing how much we will mess it up) then maybe we can, too.

Even when it messes up.

The Cubicle Reverend said...

I like you tony.


Tony Myles said...