Nov 23, 2005

a celebration of urination

Tonight I got to experience my youngest son going potty on the toilet for the first time ever.
Please grab your nearest roll of toilet paper, spike it to the ground, and join us in a little victory dance.


Bar Bar A said...

Congrats! I did the victory dance with my great-nephew a few weeks ago. Anyone who can not relate to this obviously has never potty trained. I used the "let your son run around the yard naked for a week" method, but it was summer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian said...

My girl's is coming any day now...toilet paper is in hand, waiting for the launch.


kyperman said...

My son has to have his PRIVACY time's a hoot!

Gman said...

It sure is a journey. Our eldest daughter(3) just finished. Our youngest daughter is starting(2) and now if only our son ... (He's only 10mths)

KC said...

doing the pp on the potty dance dance! Remember the first days my boys did the PP on the potty dance!!

Christy said...

*laugh* we have a song and parade! I've never spiked a roll, tho...I'll keep that in mind.