Oct 29, 2005

swiping from other blogs

SwiperI wanted to share some outstanding thoughts I've swiped this past week off some other blogs. I've been chewing/meditating on them and I hope they speak to you, too.

    "May peace never leave you alone." - pagitt.typepad.com

    "I feel bad littering, but not when it's a banana peel."
    - alreadynotyet.blogspot.com

    "How can we love our neighbors if we don't know our neighbors?" - bartcampolo.blogspot.com

    "Last night at our community group we talked more about this idea of being angry at God. One of the guys made a fascinating observation. Sometimes we look at Jeremiah and think he has no faith, yet in getting cranked up at God and letting him have it. He is actually acknowledging that God is the only one who could do something about it. He actually believes that there is a God and that it might be worthwhile to address him. Love it."
    - awakening.typepad.com

    "So that's the little lesson that I recently learned--that sometimes it's better to just be the big baby."
    - amandajdrury.blogspot.com

    "Ed Dobson, Brian McLaren, Mike Wittmer. Just for fun... three really good guys on stage together. While they may not agree on everything, it seems they are about 97% on the same page. Funny thing how we find 3% to argue and strongly disagree about... do you think the disciples did this kind of thing too?" - emergentwestmichigan.blogspot.com
    What this one guy said God told him during a sleepless night:
    "1.) Expose your heart
    2.)Shut your mouth (He kind of has to use strong language to get through this stubborn head of mine!)
    3.)Bask in your wonder of Me"

    - joshdelph.blogspot.com


Graham Jones said...

That brings back memories.

Peter said...

Feel free to stop by my BLOGS and grab a quote or two...

Tony Myles said...

Alright... consider this post updated, Peter!