Oct 2, 2005

a quote from wesley

As I'm working through a Master's class on holiness right now, a classmate brought up this quote from John Wesley’s A Plain Account of Christian Perfection:

    “We grant… that many of those who died in the faith, yea, the greater part of those we have known, were not perfected till a little before their death... all believers should…continually agonize for it.”
Wesley gives both hope and frustration in that statement. It's kind of like, "You probably may not 'get this' until the very end, but keep pursuing it anyway (even though you'll get ticked at yourself in the process)." He definitely hints at a long arduous life of seeking it.

In our world of people who like to sprint, this is a marathon paradigm that few may sign up for.

Then again... there's nothing like crossing over the finish line of a marathon.

At least... that's what I hear....

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a bit naive but I think someone can grow in holiness more quickly than on their deathbid.