Oct 31, 2005

join me in prayer?

Some of you are familiar with David Crowder. At the church where he's the worship pastor (University Baptist Church in Waco, TX) there's been a tragedy that merits our prayers. Pastor Kyle Lake was electrocuted while standing in the baptismal pool (some speculation involves touching a microphone). Kyle was an extremely gifted leader and a loved pastor at UBC.

If you think about it, a baptismal service is usually a time of celebration. I would speculate that there were people of all ages on hand to celebrate. Would you join me today in not only praying for the family of Kyle but also for any younger members of the church who are processing what they may have witnessed.

As a side note... yesterday is also the two-year anniversary of Mike Yaconneli's death, too.


wilsonian said...

Lord, have mercy.

bigwhitehat said...

Use the lavalier. Use the boom mic. Anything but this. What a senseless tragedy. We can do better in our churches.

I a CoC guy. We are in the baptistry alot. You will notice directional microphones mounted and aimed about 2.5' above the water in many of them. The only downside is the sound guy needs to turn it down before the splash deafens everybody. It is much safer though.

Katie said...

Just to add a bit more information. It was homecoming weekend at Baylor so there were quite a few college students at the baptism. Kyle left behind a wife and three young children. I know that prayers for his wife and kids are appreciated, as well as prayers for all the students in attendance at the baptism.

J Fry said...

yeah...i heard about that pastor today in my class @ Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, IN). That's rough, especially during such a time of celebration. The family and church family is in our prayers at IWU. Peace.

Tony Myles said...

j fry - my old school... hope you're enjoying it! Do you know Brian Scramlin?