Oct 10, 2005

having something to say

I had a great experience teaching at Bair Lake Bible Camp's Middle School retreat this past weekend... I'll write more about that later.

One thing I wanted to quickly throw out, though, was being surprised at what I was expected to do. Not only was I to preach four different messages to middle school students, but I also got word early last week that I was needed to help do/coordinate worship music. Turns out the guy whom they were planning on bringing in couldn't do it.

"No problem." At least, that's what I said. But we made it work... and it worked well.

Then when I got to camp I was told that one idea I'd suggested a month ago - to do leader devotions in the early morning - was on the schedule. YIKES!

I had nothing planned, but again... "no problem."

And what was cool was that this was a genuine thought. I've been able to get to a place in life and ministry where I'm no longer asking "What can I do to fill up this space?" versus "How can I become the kind of person who has something to say?" (Thanks to Rob Bell's critical concerns course last year at the NYWC for that)

I also met this kid - maybe about 4th grade or so - who was hanging out during one of our worship sets. He was making some noise on the "games" side of the room (i.e. pool tables, etc) and I went over to ask him if he could keep it quiet for about ten more minutes.

    "Oh, well... we're singing some songs right now to God."

    "Why are you doing that?"

    "Well, because we're telling God what's in our hearts about Him. That, and we're also using some clay right now to make something as a symbol of what we need from Him right now - a hand if we need help, or a foot if we want to courage take a step of growth towards Him."

    "Oh. Hey, I can make a good hand!"

    "Cool... why don't you join us?"

And he did. He even got a friend to come, too.

In any event, just thought I'd throw the question out there... which is more true of you?

  • Do you try to figure out how to speak on stuff? Be it to your friends, family, co-workers, or even on your blog... are you constantly looking for the next clever thing to say?


  • Do you find you have something to say that comes from your soul whenever you get a chance to speak? Is there a relationship with the Creator that is anchored deep within you, causing even your questions to to point to the Answer?

I know both are needed at different times, but which is more your pattern?

    Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. (2 Timothy 4:2)


david rudd said...

good thoughts. i know when i speak from the overflow of the heart it seems to go better. i enjoy it more at least...

wilsonian said...

Long-time resident of the first camp.
Gratefully finding my tent now in the second camp.
Nothing like it.

TK said...

Hey tony,

I heard Rob Bell give this message or something similar to it at Willow Creek a while back. thanks for posting on it. It was a much needed reminder.
There are weeks when I have to speak 2-3 three times. In those weeks it's all to easy to slip back into figuring out how to speak on stuff.
One of those hazards of the job nobody tells you about...???